About Us

Energy Related Services “ERS” offers consulting services to commercial and industrial energy-users to reduce and manage costs related to the purchase and delivery of natural gas, electricity, and propane.

ERS generates cost savings for clients in two areas: first, through the optimization of rate classifications with natural gas and electric utility companies; and second, by taking advantage of de-regulated utilities to purchase and secure competing natural gas and/or electric supply at lower costs.

Utility companies do an inadequate job of communicating to their customers which rate plan best fits their individual situation. Experience has shown that many businesses are spending more money than necessary because they’re receiving service under the wrong rate classification. In response to this problem we review each of our clients’ locations and analyze available utility rates to determine the optimal rate for each location. Because utility companies add, delete, or revise rate offerings from time to time, we monitor these changes and make the necessary adjustments to keep our clients purchasing under the best cost option.

De-regulation of the energy industry offers great opportunity for businesses to further reduce energy costs and budget more effectively. Regrettably, it also gives opportunity for businesses to be taken advantage of. ERS makes de-regulated options clear for our clients. In keeping with the desire to make transactions transparent, we do not accept compensation from suppliers, assuring objectivity in our evaluation of opportunity, and loyalty to our clients during negotiations. ERS identifies and quantifies opportunities, polls qualified supplier offerings, and communicates our findings to our clients. Further, we recommend when it’s beneficial to let prices float with the market and when prices should be fixed. This service is predicated on ERS’ many years of experience and expertise in distilling available market intelligence into a practical strategy. Our clients have enjoyed greater peace of mind and a strong rate of return.

Cost reduction programs are constantly monitored to ensure that clients are receiving exactly what was promised. Utility and supplier bills are audited to verify commodity pricing is correct and usage is in line with expectations.

In addition to procurement and auditing services, we provide access to our proprietary online reporting service. Utilizing this service, clients can view supply contract status and energy information. The data can be viewed across five key levels: Commodity type, State, Utility, Concept/Division, and Location. Features include drill-downs to individual location detail, cost and consumption comparisons, and ranking. Clients also have the option of our vendor invoice data upload service, designed to reduce transaction costs associated with check processing.

ERS has a full range of products available for businesses to minimize and control energy related costs. Contact us today to discuss what ERS can do for you.