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Energy Related Services Corporation has been providing supply-side energy consulting services to commercial and industrial users since 1996. The foundation of our business philosophy and approach to energy deregulation were developed through our founders’ combined 30+ years experience in energy supply and management. Our clients experience lower energy costs as a direct result of our consultation services, procurement strategies and oversight. ERS is focused on the delivery of reliable energy supply at the most advantageous price.

The ERS approach is designed to give companies the benefit of a diverse portfolio of energy suppliers with regional strengths and expertise. ERS acts as a single point of contact between our clients and their suppliers, negotiating, implementing, and managing supply contracts.

ERS is an independent, impartial agent for its clients. The ERS fee for services is fully disclosed and is paid only by the client. There are never any hidden fees tacked on to the supplier’s invoice or commissions paid by other entities. ERS remains committed to being the client’s unbiased advocate.

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